About MG Odra Gas

Company profile of MG Odra Gas, spol. s r. o.


MG Odra Gas, spol. s r.o. is a joint venture of Messer SE & Co. KGAA, based in Sulzbach, Germany, and Liberty Ostrava a.s., Czech Republic.

We produce technical gases chiefly to fulfil the needs of our two parent companies. Liberty Ostrava a.s. receives most of its share of our product through a network of pipelines, as do other important local clients. We supply Messer in the Czech Republic with gases in pressurised cylinders and road tankers. Our customers include a number of companies in the metallurgic, mining and chemical industries, electrical technology, food industry, health services, safety and environmental protection.

In our activities we build on the
position and support of both of our owners. Liberty Ostrava a.s., as the biggest steel producer in the Czech Republic, provides necessary energy input and services through its technical plants and departments. Thanks to the capital interest of Messer SE & Co. KGAA, we are a part of the renowned brand of Messer in the field of technical gases. We actively make use of our foreign parent company's complex support system and its technical know-how. Gases produced and supplied by us (oxygen, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide, as well as mixtures of these gases and acetylene) are of high purity and we produce them primarily in our Oxygen Separation Plant. Production processes and the output quality of MG Odra Gas, spol. s r.o. are certified in a quality management system according to ISO 9001:2000.

The highest priorities of MG Odra Gas, spol. s r.o. include environmental protection, care for our employees' workplace and social conditions, workplace safety, and the ongoing development of our quality system at all levels.

The company management is aware of its responsibilities and the possible risks with respect to the environmental sphere and safety at work. To this end, the adopted principles of our environmental policy are designed to achieve continual compliance with regional legislation; to raise the level of employees' qualifications in the areas of environmental protection and workplace safety; to promote and assess environmental criteria in all of the company's activities; and, last but not least, to foster continuous communication regarding these issues within and outside the company.

MG Odra Gas, spol. s r.o. was granted its environmental management certificate according to ISO 14001 in October 2001.

By achieving this certification, we at MG Odra Gas, spol.s r.o. confirmed our commitment to a responsible approach to environmental protection and workplace safety. For our business partners, this is evidence of a high level of oversight for our internal processes at MG Odra Gas, spol. s r.o., as well as a guarantee of top-quality gases and services.